Discount Prescription Card

Big savings on your prescriptions, instantly and easily.

Big Savings. Instantly. Easily.

  • Savings up to 55% on generic prescriptions and up to 15% on brand prescriptions. The average savings is 23%.

  • No costs, contracts or obligations.

  • Everyone is eligible. No medical exams or forms to fill out.

  • One card can be used for everyone in a household, even FDA-approved meds for pets.

  • Save at the register. No wondering and waiting for reimbursements.

  • Accepted at 95% of all pharmacies, including Wal-Mart, Target, Kroger, CVS, Walgreens, and thousands of independent pharmacies nationwide.

Who Saves?

  • Families without coverage can save every time they have a prescription filled.

  • If health coverage does not include a prescription drug plan.

  • When medication is not covered by their plan.

  • When the copay costs more than the discounted price with the savings card

Business to Business

Business and organizations can benefit from incorporating the Prescription Discount Card into their everyday business plan. Below are just some of the benefits that can provide a boost to your business and a much needed incentive for patients, claimants and others alike. Get In Touch for more.

How it Works

  • Consumers obtain a prescription from their physician.

  • Either the doctor calls in the prescription or the consumer brings the prescription to the pharmacy.

  • The consumer presents the Envision Savings card to the pharmacy.

  • The pharmacy processes the claim with the Pharmacy Benefit Manager – Envision Rx.

  • Envision Rx returns to the pharmacy the discount amount to collect from the consumer.

The Benefits

  • Brand Development. Put a pharmacy card with the organization’s branding in the wallets of thousands – or millions – of consumers.

  • Revenue. The organization receives compensation every time their members save money on their prescriptions.

  • Value Add. Provide high-value products and services to your members and their families.

  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty. Members will be reminded of the organization’s commitment to them every time they save at the pharmacy.

  • Lead Generation. Obtain new members and provides cross sale opportunities to your member base.

Get In Touch

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